Camping Map Update

Since 2009 we started Camping in Taiwan Map. Google Map will be shutting down the Classic Map and move to Google Map Engine. We have decided to take the initiative and started our transformation. 

We have just completed the new Beta Version by date. It will have comment, address, contact, price, Web Link, Blog post and social media which is much better than before.

Since we cannot cover all the camp area in Taiwan, the new Google Map will web links to other bloggers so you guys can have a better view of the camp area. At the moment 657 camp area is being listed.  

We are planning to build an Google Play Store App but at this moment you have 2 choices, go by web link or download from Google Play Store "My Maps" which enable you to navigate. Once you have My Maps installed the links are below either scan it or click on the link. 

This is just part of our effort to improve our service and information. Hope you find it useful. 

Leatherman Wave Mod - Black Tactical

Black Tactical is completed!

From 17 tools Leatherman Wave now it is a 24 tools Leatherman Super Wave. 
Additional features: wood chisel, awl, nail extractor, steel cutting saw, hard wire cutter, electrical crimper and scriber tools. 

Leatherman Wave with Steel Saw Add-on

I have been scouting for weeks on the internet on how to add a steel saw blade on my Leatherman Wave. Most of the results came from and none of it really fits my bill.

DIY 5V Li-ion Battery Charger

Initially started this experiment to revived old dead phone batteries which cannot be charged by conventional charger anymore, read it from somewhere so decided to give it a shot. Somehow it worked and the batteries were revived once more for use. 

So I decided to go further experimenting on live batteries that requires recharge. To my amazed I was able to charge live batteries using 220V or portable 5V Power Pack supply. 

Flexible USB 5V Lamp

This might look like a funny lamp to be used for camping but this idea came to me when I decided to have all my outdoor gadget to use only 5V supply when I bought the Goal Zero Nomad Adventure Kit. (Excellent Product). 

This USB lamp was meant to be a cheap laptop or desktop 5V lamp however after testing it out and hooked up with Goal Zero Charger soon realised it is an ideal lamp for outdoor camping where there is no power source. 

So I decided to test out against my Black Diamond Orbit Lantern and came out with surprising results. The Flexible USB 5V Lamp is much lighter, easier to pack, since it is flexible the light can be orientated to any direction needed and it is much brighter than the Black Diamond Orbit which cost 6 times more.

DIY Universal Smartphone Bike Mount

These days we have been using our smartphone as GPS and Fitness Apps  instead of our Garmin Oregon 400t. I have been thinking how can we mount our smartphone on our bikes instead of stopping and taking out from our pocket or bag to use it or rather spend extra money on a Smartphone Bike Mount. 

So finally here I found a simple solution for both of us, a DIY Universal Smartphone Bike Mount and it cost almost nothing.

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