Camping Map Update

We have changed the setting to the Camping Map. This will bring you directly to Google Map Engine. Please download from Google Play Store "My Maps" which will provide navigation. For iOS you need to find the Google App. Otherwise you can download the KML files.

Vaseline for Outdoor

Vaseline aka Petroleum Jelly, to many novice campers they mostly think of only one usage, fire starter such as cotton ball coated Vaseline. Below I will cover on my usage, frankly there are tons of usage but these are some of it how I have used Vaseline.  

Ferrocerium Rods and Fire Starting Kit

If you have been surfing around the internet on this subject you will definitely find tons of info on it. Ferrocerium Rods aka Fire Steel. Some claimed the Chinese made Firesteels are crap while other champion the Swedish Fire Steel which I still own and now she is laying it my pile of outdoor scrap stuff.

High Sierra Diplomat Lumbar Pack

This will be a brief review on the High Sierra Diplomat Lumbar Pack so it will be more to why and how I used a Lumbar Pack. End of the day is up to your opinion if you like my setup. Below there will be many photos of my keep reading.

The Ultimate Stove

We have owned couple of different types of stove. Recent addition is The Pocket Stove and another Vargo Titanium Wood Stove is on the way. In our honest opinion after using Wood, Alcohol, Butane, Hexamine (solid fuel tablet) and Multi Liquid Fuel Stove we can narrow down which is our ultimate and maintenance free stove.  

Below the post we have rated each stove and came to a conclusion on the Ultimate Stove.

Camping Map Update

Since 2009 we started Camping in Taiwan Map. Google Map will be shutting down the Classic Map and move to Google Map Engine. We have decided to take the initiative and started our transformation. 

We have just completed the new Beta Version by date. It will have comment, address, contact, price, Web Link, Blog post and social media which is much better than before.

Since we cannot cover all the camp area in Taiwan, the new Google Map will web links to other bloggers so you guys can have a better view of the camp area. At the moment 657 camp area is being listed.  

We are planning to build an Google Play Store App but at this moment you have 2 choices, go by web link or download from Google Play Store "My Maps" which enable you to navigate. Once you have My Maps installed the links are below either scan it or click on the link. 

This is just part of our effort to improve our service and information. Hope you find it useful. 

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