How I Have Combat Cold

美利奴羊毛 Merino Wool

2016 Jan, Taiwan has not seen an extreme cold spells for 40 years throughout the island. As a tropical boy having lived 40 years near the equator, I have never experience such cold weather condition.  

Now I am living in Kaohsiung where the temperature did go as low as 6 degrees and some part of Taiwan saw minus, the rest of the northern low land went down as far as 3 degrees.

The lowest temperature I have encountered was in North East China with wind factor, the temperature was 1 deg. In Taiwan at HeHuanShan it was 3 degrees with snow. From both these experiences I have learnt my cloth layering was all wrong. Having thick clothing did not warm me at all.

Last year summer I have decided to renew my wardrobe, had spent around US100 for Merino Wool clothing because of the hot weather and the wardrobe was almost 2 decades old. My Giodano cotton shirts were fading colours and outdated for Taiwan weather, they were meant for tropical climate. 

After many purchase on wicking odor less wear which I have spend the $$, it still did not work out. When I was under Cambodia hot climate, these wear stinks right down to my feet. 

Back to the topic how did I combat cold?
Base Layer
1. Merino Wool sock with Wool Socks
2. Merino Wool T-Shirts with Giodano G-Warmer Long Sleeves
3. Merino Wool boxer with Giodano G-Warmer Long John 

Locus Map Pro and My Maps

Google has created a new world of mapping, My Maps is such. Using My Maps I have created a vast numbers of camp area and POI around the island Taiwan. 

However for travelers using My Maps can be expensive as it requires Mobile Data Coverage. Hence I am currently using Locus Map Pro version, there is a free version but since it does a better job compare to my Garmin which I sold it away, it was a worthwhile investment for the Pro version. I am a mapping addict!! 

Locus Map has been highly rated in Google Play Store. Anyone who needs offline maps, Locus Map is the way to go. There are tons of offline Worldwide Maps (see link below) otherwise you can download from their Pro version to your smartphone directly. 

Apple iOS, many might felt that is the best Smartphone but to serious travelers it is just a good camera phone, their mapping still have not taken shape. Android smartphones are the choice for travelers especially you have developers like Locus Map, accessible to offline Maps. You can track, navigate, check your speed, elevation etc. 

So how do I use My Maps and Locus Map? Create your POI (point of interest) on My Maps. Download the KML files to Dropbox, from there using Locus Map Dropbox add-on and you have it on Locus Map, simple as that.

Downloaded Locus Map POI

This info was created on My Maps, still can be viewed in Locus Map

More World Maps on OpenAndroMaps

Vaseline for Outdoor

Vaseline aka Petroleum Jelly, to many novice campers they mostly think of only one usage, fire starter such as cotton ball coated Vaseline. Below I will cover on my usage, frankly there are tons of usage but these are some of it how I have used Vaseline.  

Ferrocerium Rods and Fire Starting Kit

If you have been surfing around the internet on this subject you will definitely find tons of info on it. Ferrocerium Rods aka Fire Steel. Some claimed the Chinese made Firesteels are crap while other champion the Swedish Fire Steel which I still own and now she is laying it my pile of outdoor scrap stuff.

High Sierra Diplomat Lumbar Pack

This will be a brief review on the High Sierra Diplomat Lumbar Pack so it will be more to why and how I used a Lumbar Pack. End of the day is up to your opinion if you like my setup. Below there will be many photos of my keep reading.

The Ultimate Stove

We have owned couple of different types of stove. Recent addition is The Pocket Stove and another Vargo Titanium Wood Stove is on the way. In our honest opinion after using Wood, Alcohol, Butane, Hexamine (solid fuel tablet) and Multi Liquid Fuel Stove we can narrow down which is our ultimate and maintenance free stove.  

Below the post we have rated each stove and came to a conclusion on the Ultimate Stove.

Camping Map Update

Since 2009 we started Camping in Taiwan Map. Google Map will be shutting down the Classic Map and move to Google Map Engine. We have decided to take the initiative and started our transformation. 

We have just completed the new Beta Version by date. It will have comment, address, contact, price, Web Link, Blog post and social media which is much better than before.

Since we cannot cover all the camp area in Taiwan, the new Google Map will web links to other bloggers so you guys can have a better view of the camp area. At the moment 657 camp area is being listed.  

We are planning to build an Google Play Store App but at this moment you have 2 choices, go by web link or download from Google Play Store "My Maps" which enable you to navigate. Once you have My Maps installed the links are below either scan it or click on the link. 

This is just part of our effort to improve our service and information. Hope you find it useful. 

Leatherman Wave Mod - Black Tactical

Black Tactical is completed!

From 17 tools Leatherman Wave now it is a 24 tools Leatherman Super Wave. 
Additional features: wood chisel, awl, nail extractor, steel cutting saw, hard wire cutter, electrical crimper and scriber tools. 

Leatherman Wave with Steel Saw Add-on

I have been scouting for weeks on the internet on how to add a steel saw blade on my Leatherman Wave. Most of the results came from and none of it really fits my bill.

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